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    Trying to filter out dates with non numeric characters

    Michael McCarthy



      i'm having an issue with a report whereby i am unable to filter out non numeric characters from the data. i am unable to filter it out from the data coming into the report (according to my data warehouse guy). the issue only applies to certain dates and is due to customers changing the url at the top of the site.

      To the problem:


      i am looking to do a comparison of the send date (senddate in workbook) of an email to the date an email was clicked on (traceday in workbook). if the senddate is the same as the date is clicked on it is a success and counts towards the CTR percentage. The report at the moment works for the past 5 days but from days 6-10 there are some send dates with %'s. i have created a number of calculations in the packaged workbook that i would have hoped would have resolved the issue - these apply a null value to any incorrect date. This causes issues when comparing to the tracedate. even when i filter out the blanks i have the issue, in fact it makes it worse by removing any calculations for sums on the send info in the table.


      Any help would be appreciated.