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    Calculating Multiple Variables in One Incident

    Christopher Corcoran

      Hello All,


      We are trying to track the response times to certain types of incidents. There could be multiple variables to an incident, however we are tracking the FIRST occurrence of each one of the 3 variables. The FIRST occurrence of all the variables must occur within 5 minutes of the incidents verification. If any one of the variables is not completed within the 5 minutes, then the whole incident is considered failed regardless of the time it took to complete the other incidents. Only the variables that have been performed will be scored, as not all 3 variables are required for every incident. With that, we have created a Rank that allows us to filter the first occurrence of each variable. We then created the calculation “TIME RESPONDED”(ACTIVITYTIME-TIMEVERIFIED), and created the “SLA” calculation that labeled everything that fell within or exceed the 5 minute mark. Now we need to count all incidents where any variable has exceed time as FAILED. We then need to calculate all of the distinct IDs and get the total of the passing and failed incidents. Our calculations continue to include ALL the variables that have been completed within the 5 minutes, regardless if the Incident should have failed due to another variable exceeding the time. Attached is a workbook with a generic example of the data we are working with.