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    What is the 'Community Canvas' logical place in the Support forums?

    Toby Erkson

      CC (Community Canvas) -- It doesn't fall under Forums, Groups, Ideas, nor Viz Talk.  The only way I see getting to it is from the welcome page of the Community home page.  However, even from there you have to scroll to the bottom of the page and read that legal-fine-print-like box and click on the ending link.  The other way is from the Forums page, Content tab, again, at the very bottom of the page.  The other groupings don't have this CC routing (odd).


      Community Canvas has it's own breadcrumb at the top of the page, Home.Support.Community.Community Canvas, just like the other groupings:




      Home.Support.Community.Viz Talk

      but it's not treated like the others.  The others have their own groupings/large icon at the top of the welcome page, why not CC?  It certainly seems to get plenty of action like the other groupings.