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    Graphs with Multiple Measure

    Ana Adam

      Folks, I am having difficulty in the following issue:



      How to show 3 measures in a combination chart where 2 measures will be in the form of bar graph side by side (not stacked) and the last one

      in the form of line graph? The X-axis has the date dimension.

      I did see the solution in the link http://community.tableau.com/thread/127020. However, the structure

      of data in my data set is a little different. All the 3 measures are in one row. The solution given in the link http://community.tableau.com/thread/127020

      has the underlying data where each measure is in a different row based on a category code.



      Underlying Data in My Workbook:



      Date             Measure1   Measure2   Measure3

      -----            --------   --------   --------   

      01/01/2013        Value1     Value2    Value3



      In the example in link http://community.tableau.com/thread/127020



      Date             Category   Measure  

      -----            --------   --------     

      28/12/2012        Measure1   Value1

      01/01/2013        Measure2   Value2

      01/04/2013        Measure3   Value3.







      Appreciate your help !