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    Data Blending Problem

    Ed Kukec

      Hi All,


      I've attached a sample packaged workbook with a Data Blending Problem I need to fix.  I have two data sources, one is the primary data source which has a count of hospital discharges and a count of 30 day readmissions by Month and by Hospital. I also calculate a readmission rate (readmits/discharges).  What I need to do is link the count of hospital discharges, which is a measure, to a reference table (secondary data source) which is a replication of the Students T Table with a Critical T Stat value for every Degree of Freedom.  Essentially, what I've done is create another calculated field called "Total Discharges (N-1) Degrees of Freedom" in my primary data source.  All this does is take the total sum of hospital discharges and subtracts 1 from it.  I want to link (data blend) this measure to the "Degrees of Freedom" dimension in the Secondary Data Source to grab the Critical T Stat Measure and attach it to the table I've created.  Long story short, I'm trying to calculate 95% confidence intervals using the Critical T Stat.  If I'm able to grab the Critical T Stat then I can create a calculated field to calculate the Confidence Interval of a Proportion which is a pretty easy calculation but thus far I can't seem to be able to do this data blend to grab the Critical T Stat and attach it to my Total Discharges (N-1) Degrees of Freedom measure in the Primary Data Source.


      So when you open up the packaged workbook, you'll see the first row and column, "Central Zone Hospital 1 for April 2003" with Total Discharges = 1008 and Total Discharges (N-1) Degrees of Freedom = 1007. In the secondary data source (Students T Table) the Critical T Stat would be = 1.9623225064.


      If I can get this to work, in addition I would need a type of case statement that defaults the Critical T Stat to 1.96 if the Total Discharges (N-1) Degrees of Freedom measure is > 500,001 because I have 500,000 degrees of freedom possible in my table.


      Hope this makes sense. I'm using Tableau 7 at present.  Any help or recommendations would be much appreciated.