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    Data linked but want to display more clearly

    Darren Brownsey



      I have attached the file/s in question.


      There are 3 x main measures that I am trying to display together:

      • AA run times (static)
      • Scheduled Run times
      • Dwell times


      The AA times and scheduled times display together and are linked by Mine name.  Dwells times are linked to Scheduled Run Times by a unique Service ID. I can get the dwell times to display with the other times but the format is poor.


      Dwell times are categorized by codes, descriptions and attribution.  I would really like to display AA run times, scheduled run times and dwell times together but have the dwell times categories grouped in minutes but displayed in separate colours.


      Any suggestions for better visualizations would be great?


      I know this is vague but I'm new to tableau and really finding it difficult to describe what i'm trying to achieve.


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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Darren,


          I'm not sure I completely understand the outcome. However, upon looking at your workbook, it looks as though all the Service ID1s from the PlannedDwells data source were not matching up with the DTP & AA Times Joined. I changed the Service ID1s calculation in the Planned Dwells source to be the following and they worked better:


          right(Left([Service Dt],5),2) + Left([Service Dt],2)  + right([Service Dt],4) + "-"+ [First Leg Service Id]