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    Is there a way to show a static measure that remains the same despite quick filter selection?

    Caleb Smith

      What I'm trying to do is relatively simple, conceptually, but I can't figure out how to get it to work in Tableau.


      I want to show relative processing performance between an individual department and all departments together. In other words, the median turnaround for work sent by originating in DepartmentA is above/below the median turnaround time for the organization as a whole (the median of all departments calculated together).


      To do this I need to create a calculated field that simply shows the datediff between submission and completion of a unit of work. I then just chart the median number of days that this calculation produces for each fiscal quarter.


      I then need to allow the user to select a department from a quickfilter. What I want to happen is for Tableau to chart the median for the selected department against the overall median and display them together in a line chart. What's actually happening is that when I select a department, then all measures are filtered. Is there a way to except certain measures from the quickfilter? I thought of using a reference line for the overall turnaround time, but the reference line is simply recalculated based on the quickfilter as well.


      Does anyone know a workaround for this? I just want to show a static line that remains the same no matter what quickfilter selection is made.