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    Delta columns based on contents of a dimension?

    Robert de Jongh

      I am a beginning Tableau user.

      I want to move my customers from excel driven reporting to Tableau driven reporting. Besides graphs there are also tables included in the dashboard that I currently have in excel.


      In order for me to make the transition I need to be able to do all in Tableau.

      Below is an example of the test table report that I am required to produce. It provides the Current Year (CYR) Actual results/outlook. Next to it is the delta between the actual vs the Budget, vs the prior forecast and vs Prior Year (PYR).


      In the data table is a column for the data and there is a column that indicate if the data is ACTL/OUTL or PO or Prior Forecast.


      How do I do this in view in Tableau? I included a test data tableau report with similar data