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    Publishing to Tableau Server error

    Jake Chapman

      Hello - I have been publishing to Tableau Server just fine for the past couple of months. Recently I went into one of my dashboards to update a sheet, tried to re-publish and got this error message...


      An unexpected error occurred on the server. If you continue to receive this error please contact your Tableau Server Administrator.


      DataSourceException: No such column [sqlserver.41436.949685671294].[TEMP(Calculation_4380621132316795)(2744344204)(0)].

      2013-10-24 15:09:01.848 (Umk4C4KPJyQAAA2khs4AAAC3,0,1)


      I have not added any columns, calculations, etc. My views are working just fine in Tableau Desktop. When I attempt to publish the dashboard to server, I get the error and so do my customers trying to access the viz with row level security.


      Any thoughts?


      Jake Chapman

      Business Systems Analyst

      Philips Healthcare

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          Jake Chapman

          Ok - So I figured this out the hard way... Decided to create a copy of my workbook and started with my problematic dashboard.


          From the dashboard I removed all but one of my sheets (9 total) and posted to server. Success!


          Ok, so I then started adding sheet by sheet and posting as I added sheets one at a time until I found the one that breaks my publish. Wouldn't you know it would be the last sheet I add the breaks the publish.


          So now I know where and in what sheet I'm having a problem. From there I start to remove pills from the sheet until I can successfully publish. Found the suspect!


          Turns out I was using a reference line that was set to "Total" when it should have been "Sum" It worked!


          Ugh...something so simple, yet the error had me going in many different directions to find the solution. Nothing like a little trial and error to fix a dashboard.


          I went back into my prod copy of my workbook and made the change to my reference line, publishes to server beautifully now.


          I will remember this one for sure...