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    oData feed from SharePoint labeled as 'invalid odata Feed' due to hidden character

    Bryan Mathews

      I came upon a very odd issue which I wanted to share in case it happens to anyone else.


      I was trying to import a valid oData feed from a SharePoint list (validated OData Validator) and tableau was telling me it was an invalid oData feed.


      Well I had no other way to figure out if the feed was invalid other than attempts to import to Tableau, given this was a 1900 item list, I started using orderby and top to find out where the bad apple was in the list.  After a lot of searching, I found an item which had a  in the text field.


       is the representation for a vertical tab.  Apparently, although it validates as a valid odata feed, Tableau does NOT like 


      After removing the instances of  the feed worked fine.


      Hopefully this might help anyone who has a random 'invalid odata feed' with a SharePoint list and they don't know where it is coming from.