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    How do I show the Percentage change between time periods on the same row?

    Jack Ahren

      I am a long time reader.... first time poster. 


      I've been asked to create weekly report for a number of metrics which compares the last week to the prior week as well as the current month to the month to date.  The challenge I've been having is displaying multiple time periods; last week, 1 week prior to last week, current month and prior month to date.  My month to date needs to evaluate the measure value of the current month to the prior month for the same day of the month.  I've been able to work through some of the request but, ultimately displaying percent on the same line as the measurement has been problematic.  I've tried using parameters for the measurements.  I find that using a parameter only shows the default value.  Using the date filter I can limit the time ranges.  None of the solutions I've found help me create the following report format. 


      Weekly Metrics

      10/13/2013 (Last Week)1 Week Prior% Change from Prior WeekMonth To Date% Change from Prior Month
      Total Usage                                   10,000              12,000 -16.67%                 33,000 -13.16%
      Number of Sessions2528-10.71%78-2.50%
      Number of Flights56-16.67%18-14.29%
      Usage Per Session400429-6.67%423-10.93%


      Can anyone help me with this?