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    Live Streaming?

    Shawn Wallwork

      If any TUGs are live streaming, it would be good to know. I live in a non-TUG area, and would love to listen in on other TUGs. Thanks,



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          Andy Piper



          We will WebEx meetings only if we have members who tell me they'd like to join remotely. Our next meeting is Dec. 5th 1-4PM EST. Would you care to join us?


          The current agenda for our next meeting involves a session on parameters, then a break, then a session on building dashboards for the c-suite.



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            Shawn Wallwork

            Thanks Andy. You bet, I'd love to attend, but I wouldn't want to cause you a bunch of work/expense if I'm the only one attending remotely. The second session sounds especially interesting.



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              Juracy Americo

              Hey Andy and Shawn, this is interesting.

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                Andy Piper



                If you'd like to join the December 5th ATUG meeting tomorrow (1-4PM EST) via WebEx, please register at https://nsc.webex.com/nsc/j.php?J=350586182. Once you do, you'll receive an email with a link and info on how to connect to the WebEx along with conference line information (which will be 1-866-672-6771 with a participant code of 0256577).



                1:08 - 2:10ish:  "Using Parameters to come up with your Visuals" by Angela Gaddy (Tableau Trainer at GE)

                2:30 - 3:45ish:  "Designing your Dashboards for the C-Level" by Nelson Davis (Tableau Consultant at Slalom Atlanta) and Mark Jackson (Tableau Zen Master; Manager of Business Intelligence at Piedmont Healthcare)


                Times above are approximate and may vary slightly; a 15-20 minute networking break will take place between the presentations.


                The WebEx session should only be used by folks outside the Atlanta area; for without Atlanta Tableau users coming to the meetings, there will be no need for an Atlanta TUG.