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    Tiered access to a specific dashboard view/sheet?

    Kyle Kemp

      Is there a way in Tableau 7.0 to grant tiered access to a specific dashboard view/sheet?


      To put into context, I am a Healthcare Analyst, and would like to eliminate the ability for some individuals to view data where counts are below a certain value in a small community (as individuals may be identifiable by way of the small population). I do not want to simply suppress values below a count of "x" for all users, as some admin staff will need to see counts in their own facility/region for planning purposes.


      Should this option not be available, I will create region/facility-specific views, and grant access accordingly to each one.


      Thank you all for your help!

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          Dan Huff

          You may be able to accomplish this using User functions within a conditional filter on your dimensions in the view.


          I just verified that the following does in fact work in V7:


          username()="dhuff" AND sum(Sales)>700000


          This calculation will only show Sub-Categories to user dhuff that have more than 700000 in sales. You would have to apply similar filters to your dimensions in your views.


          If you want to do this at the group level, the ismemberof() function may also be useful.


          Hope this helps,