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    Kapil Bolli


        • 1. Re: How to do a Compliance ratio on a Calculated Field
          . Indumon

          Hi Kapil,


          You can accomplish it in different ways, depends on your output requirement.


          Option 1. I assume your data source has a start date and end date.


          Source data.PNG.png


          and looking for an output like this



          To do's

          Create two calculated fields

          status=IIf (datediff('day',[StartDate],[EndDate])>7 ,'Breached SLA','Within SLA')

          Compliance Ratio= Count([Status])/Total(Sum([Number of Records]))


          Option 2 : If you looking for an output like this



          Create 3 calculated fields


          Breached SLA Count= Count(If datediff('day',[StartDate],[EndDate])>7 then 'Breached SLA' end)

          Within SLA Count= Count(If datediff('day',[StartDate],[EndDate])<=7 then 'Within SLA' end)

          Compliance ratio=[Within SLA Count]/([Breached SLA Count]+[Within SLA Count])


          Hope this will help you..