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    How do I use a dashboard filter action to populate a context quick filter?

    Matthew Petrich

      Hello everyone,

      This one might be very simple but I can't seem to figure it out.  On the first view in my dashboard, I have the map of the United States and each state is colored by annual sales within that state.  I am using a dashboard filter action so when the user hovers over a state, in the popup, he/she has the ability to link to a second map view where all the cities for the selected state are shown.  This is all working fine.  Each map view (state and city) has the following four quick filters, State, City, Zip Code and Store Number.  The State quick filter is a context filter and the other three filters (City, Zip Code and Store Number) are dependant on State.  What I would like to happen is when the user selects a state in the map, I want that selection to carry over to the State quick filter.  That's what I can figure out to do.  For example, the user selects Illinois in the first map.  He/she hovers over Illinois and the popup appears giving the using to go the city view map for Illinois.  Again, that works but when the user gets to the city view map, the State filter is not populated with Illinois and thus my dependant filters (city, zip code and store number) are not limited to only locations within Illinois.

      I hope that is clear and any help is very much appreciated.

      Thank you!

      Matt Petrich