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    Reporting from different levels of the hierarchy

    Joe Berry



      I am fairly new to Tableau and am trying to assess its usefulness for our organisation. Most of our reporting is done from multi-dimensional cubes (SSAS and some Essbase), and I really like how easy it is to connect to these data sources.


      One question I have is around presenting information that sits in different levels of a hierarchy. At the moment, we are using an excel add-in that allows us to present a table that easily calculates across dimensions that sit at different levels eg


                                                   Co1           Co2                  

      Total Operating Cost (L1)          123          123

      Interest Expense (L2)               123           123


      This is easy to do in excel because we can type in the values, highlight the cells and retrieve the query from the cube.


      If I were to build this reporting table in Tableau it would look like this:


                                                                                            Co1           Co2                  

      Total Operating Cost (L1) |                                                123            123

      Other Expense                | Interest Expense (L2)                123           123


      Is it possible in Tableau to amend the reporting grid so we can present different levels of the hierarchy, on the same row, without seeing parent nodes?


      Thanks in advance.