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    State of the Union Speeches

    Dan Huff

      This was one of the first vizzes that I made that I truly treated as a challenge. I had to find, clean, and reshape every state of the union speech before I could even start to visualize this. A watered down version of this was published as a viz of the day which was much less cool than this final result. It also was also criticized by Few in one of his blog posts. I assume his comments would be the same of the final version.


      What are everyone else's thoughts? Is the word cloud not useful?


      I argue that it is. My favorite thing to do is to use the 3 vizzes together to search for contextual information. For example, click James Polk, the speech in 1846 on the line chart, mexico in the word cloud, and then the search me button. I was shocked at how well this works. Google's algorithm was able to combine the info from my url action to suggest that this could be in reference to the Mexican American war.


      It was also interesting to me that the words Our and We have always been present in speeches but have become consistently dominant words since FDR.


      What do you like about the viz? What do you despise? Spare no comments. I do not have an eye for design so I really am curious what people think of this.


      State of the Union Speeches