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    What's "encouraging" without knowing the rules?

    Toby Erkson

      I see many good Ideas from Johan S.  Many new ones are focused on encouraging better forum user behavior.  This tells me that there are problems with end users understanding forum usage and etiquette.  In traditional forums there is a "sticky", a forum thread that is ALWAYS at the top of the forum, and it's about how to use/interact in the forum.  This is not present in these forums, however, given the odd Jive environment a sticky isn't going to work.


      I see "Tableau Community Etiquette" in the "Suggested Reading" section for Community Canvas and "Tableau Forum Guidelines" in the Forums...but both can only be seen in the Overview tab   Also, these are both important documents that people need to be exposed to when creating an account.  In my opinion these two documents should be placed into ONE document and available on every forum/community canvas as the same document.  [Also include the link to the improved search in the Guideline document ].


      I don't know how the current registration process works but the etiquette/guideline (I'll call it the "FEUA" or Forum End User Agreement) should be presented to the new registrant and they have to check a box or make some acknowledgement that they have read and agreed to FEUA.


      This forum environment is quite different from traditional forums and really needs more documentation on how to use it and its features.  It's not as intuitive to use.