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    Shape and other metrics on the dashboard

    Ivett Kovács

      I prepared a dashboard, which shows the current status of the users. In particular, there is a line per-user, some text data in a column chart with a column, and an up / down arrow or circle depending on the current status of it.


      I was calculated field contains zero, create a column that displays (which I need to not show pictures of values - that is the right and left do not climb out of shape).


      But, I want is to settle this on the basis of color of a column of numbers (for example, 0-100 ), and select the shapes used .

      For this reason it would need to be arranged in the dashboard for users according to their state are currently (0-100 ) , and may be implemented in the column.


      Of course, I can do labeas in the field, but that does not settle - settle precisely the zeros.





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          Japneesh Singh

          Hi Ivett,


          From what I m getting, you want the color of the arrows to be based on the values of  revenue ( or any other ) column. Is that what you are asking?

          If yes, then what you can do is select that column  (eg. revenue here ) and use that as the color filter.

          Then you can select a 3 color scheme, with stepped coloring to get three colors for coloring the arrows.

          Hope that helps