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    Viz Contest Suggestions

    Michael Perillo

      Hello TUG Leaders,


      We're looking to announce our first Viz Contest for our group and would appreciate any suggestions or feedback on how other TUGs went about the process.



      Michael Perillo


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          Andy Piper



          I think that would vary from group to group. If you collect dues (or have swag from Tableau), you could present the person with some sort of prize and a certificate at your next meeting. Otherwise, you could take some card stock and print off a CONGRATULATIONS - YOU WON!! certificate that you could present him/her with at your next TUG meeting.


          Andy Piper


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            Michael Perillo

            Thanks Andy,

            Got that part covered. I was looking for ideas on the logistics. What data can or has been used, is there a theme or overall goal. How have other TUGs gone about selecting a winner.



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              Andy Piper



              My apologies - I had it in my head that you were announcing winners of the contest instead of the contest itself.


              Things to consider:

              • Type of contest:  (three types that I'm aware of)
                • In-Meeting:  The data is introduced and the visualization is created within the same meeting
                • At-Home:  The data is provided and visualizations are created prior to the contest meeting
                • Hybrid:  The data is provided before the contest meeting but the contest is on visualizations that are created during the meeting
                  • Similar to the IronViz where contestants see the data set for the first time a few days prior to the contest, create the story they want to tell, then recreate it in front of hundreds of people.
              • Data set:


              Hope this helps,



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                Andy Piper

                Another data source is Tableau Public. You could take an older visualization (pre-v7 or v8) and update it to the latest versions. One of the judging criteria could be which viz was transformed the most.

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                  Michael Perillo

                  Thanks for all the suggestions, Andy. This was what I was looking for!

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                    David Marrel

                    If you want to go a little more extreme, our DFW user group had a Tableau As Art contest last December.  Any dataset was allowed, and the entries were judged based solely on artistic merit, not on valuable analytics.  Only 1 dashboard/worksheet was allowed.  In some ways it really pushed you to use skills you don't normally use in your standard analytics.