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    Custom Shapes

    David Goldstone

      I have two files both created in v8, one in 8.03 and one in 8.04. In 8.03 i created a viz and used a custom shapes using currencies. I created the same dash albeit the same but with a different connection in 8.04 and currencies is not in the drop down on the shapes menu. There isnt even a currencies folder in the tableau respository folder. Hence, I created one and populated it with a $ and a £. These showed up in the drop down and in the shape selection box. On selecting one, the shape appears as a box in the viz and not a currency symbol as displayed in the selection box. This has been tried as saving the images as a .png, .gif and .jpeg.


      I redownloaded the install files and repaired and it is still not appearing. I cant install 8.03 as I have a newer version installed.


      Without uninstalling v8.04 and reinstalling 8.03 is there another way to solve this?