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    Need help with either a match or blend across two databases but in multiple dimensions


      I'm with a very large HR team associated with both HR planning and forecasting and Learning and Developement.  I'm a farily advanced tableau user but have what appears to be a relatively simple problem that is causing me some fits.


      I have one server that supports our Org chart with 250 thousand team members.  Each has a hierarchy that is updated and easy to pull into Tableau.  The common data point is team member ID which is unique for each team member making it very easy to grab by hierarchy all the people who work for "Bob Smith" who do job X and have offices in location Y.





      I have a second server that supports our learning center with fields again by team member ID.


      But in this case there are fields that are not hierarchy.  I have a field for Learner ID so I can jump across and see how many of Bob Smith's people have taken a class etc.


      There are also fields for the instructors.  These instructors are Instructor 1, Instructor 2, and Instructor 3.  They all have team member ID's so we have a list of millions of classes with class name, class location, then learner ID.  It's easy to sum the numbers of people in classes or find out who their instructors were, etc.


      My question that has come up is the following:  How can I take the org chart and sort down to a list of instructors that all work for "Peggy Sue"  (Actually that's the easy part).  Then leap across to the class database and find the following:


      A) Classes taught by Peggy sue's instructors who were either or instructor 1, instructor 2 and or instructor 3

      B) Classes taubht by Peggy Sue's instructors who were only instructor 1 or instructor 2 or instructor 3.


      I've tried combining fields but the combination wound up being hierarchical within the class roster database which was not correct. I tried a parameter but I can only choose the relationship between the databases to relate a team member ID to one field.  This works if I create three separate tableau files-one for instructor 1, one for instructor 2, and aone for instructor 3 but it doesn't let  me  combine.


      I tried a match across with a Zn and lookup but the values kept coming back as nulls.


      Has anyone had experience with this type of combination of fields?