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    Global Filter on Single Dashboard for report generated from 2 datasource

    Sat P

      In my Dashboard (Tableau 8)we are using 2 Datasource (oracle)

      Report 1 , 2 and 3 of Dashboard is connected to 1st Datasource

      Report 4,5 is connected to 2nd Datasource

      In the Dashboard we have Region / Country as GLOBAL FILTER which is comming from 1st Datasource
      This global filter is working fine for Report 1,2 & 3

      We want to implement GLOBAL FILTER for report 4 & 5 which is comming from 2nd Datasource
      In 2nd datasource we have just country which is common in both datasource

      Any suggestion to implement GLOBAL Filter in a single dashboard for reports generated from 2 datasource