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    Print to PDF and Show History Control

    Brian McManus



      I have a workbook whose dashboards were printed to PDF.  Controls for the Pages card showed up in the printed document, so we went back and removed the controls that we did not want to be displayed.  However, when we re-print to PDF the controls are still shown.    Do you have any suggestions for next steps?  Thanks!


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          Shawn Wallwork

          Hey Brian, do a forum search on "Print to PDF". I suspect you will find Tableau in general doesn't "Print to PDF" with any elegance. T thinks of itself as the end product -- a screen that includes filters, parameters and data visualizations. It doesn't think of itself as a "word processor" or a "spreadsheet" that can easily be printed from you screen to a page.


          While they do (begrudgingly) offer some print options, they really want you to view their data vizzes, not print them (after all you can't select a different filter/parameter on a printed page)


          Tableau is the end result. Tableau is NOT the path to a printed document. Tableau is variable/changeable/interactive; a printed page is NOT. Tableau is Tableau, a wonderful data visualization software that can wow you with insight, understanding of your data. Tableau is NOT a static print-friendly word processor.


          Summary: Tableau <> Word. Tableau <> Excel Tableau = Tableau.




          PS: Let Tableau be Tableau!