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    Formatting X-Axis Display to Accommodate Thousands of Discrete Values

    daniel hegenbarth

      Basic question here.

      I'm building a simple visualization in which the x-axis is comprised of line-item ID#s and the y-axis is a length of time (for imagination purposes, say each line item is a touchdown and the length-of-time is the span from kick-off to touchdown).


      The goal of the visualization is to illustrate where along the spectrum of min and max times most touchdowns are concentrated.


      The issue is that the visualization will need to accommodate tens of thousands of touchdowns along the x-axis. The individual touchdown doesn't need to be displayed--if that were the case, the horizontal scroll on the graph would be miles long. How do I "condense" the x-axis so each touchdown is not its own tick mark? I suspect it may have something to do with the touchdown ID# being discrete vs continuous, but I'm unable to change that attribute. I'm not married to the bar chart format. Any recommendations much appreciated.