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    Need help displaying desired Average and Max value calculations on Heatmap

    Patrick Lefler

      I’m trying to create 3 separate heatmaps (weekday x hour of day) to visualize volume, average volume and max volume. I have a taken a small, sanitized subset of a large data set and created a packaged worksheet. Each hourly volume number consist of three separate services (cars, truck, bikes). For this exercise, I need to evaluate to total (cars+trucks+bikes) volume in terms of finding the average and max.

      For example, in the Monday 12 PM box, the raw inputs are:


      9/9/2013 Cars                    85

      9/9/2013 Trucks                90

      9/9/2013 Bikes                  69

      (total = 244)


      9/16/2013 Cars                  74

      9/16/2013 Trucks              79

      9/16/2013 Bikes                94

      (total = 247)


      9/23/2013 Cars                  97

      9/23/2013 Trucks              86

      9/23/2013 Bikes                98

      (total = 281)


      1. The Volume Worksheet Heatmap looks fine and the numbers are correct.
      2. The Average Volume Worksheet Heatmap currently takes the average of each of the nine volume inputs (cars, trucks, bikes) and displays an average of 85.78. What I need to display is the average of the total daily volume for the 12 PM time period: Average of (244, 247, 281) = 257.3.
      3. The same logic from (2) needs to apply to the Max Volume Worksheet. Rather than determining the max value of the separate 9 inputs, I need to display the max combined volume (car+truck+bike) that occurred. Again, in the Monday 12PM box, I’m looking to display 281, versus 98.

      I need to solve this in Tableau, as opposed to just adding a new calculated column in the raw data.


      Thanks in advance for you time, thoughts and any suggested solutions.


      Pat Lefler