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    Getting Default Properties to "Take" within an Existing Workbook Built on a Server Data Source

    Steven Gurzenski

      I have a user that is working within a tableau workbook that utilizes Tableau Server Data Connections. These connections have a common dimension, often used on the color shelf / pill. Rather than assigning the colors within this users workbook, it makes sense to standardize the dimension so that others connecting to these sources automatically start with the right colors. As a result, I set the default colors on this dimension for each data source and published each to the server for the broad user community. However, the user with a workbook already built on these connections does not see the newly defined default color. We've refreshed the connection, but the colors do not appear (while new connections to the same data source work fine).


      We tried the route of creating a new connection to the same server data connection and replacing "old" with "new". This works, but the user loses any and all workbook calculations. Not to mention it's a painful effort to complete.


      Any thoughts or ideas about how we can address this scenario? Is this a known issue that will be worked out in future releases?


      Any insight would be greatly appreciated.