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    Index function - generates unexpected results when remove a partition.

    Gregg Ferguson

      I am trying to follow the example in the "Common Baseline" example
      of the link Top 10
      Tableau Table Calculations | Tableau Software
      . In the attached twbx:



      1) the Raw Data sheet contains some time series data for a couple of
      securities in a portfolio



      2) I created the calculation called "Age" and then set up the
      sheet called By Deal. This sheet produces the correct results. Note for each
      deal when Age = 1 the value is null (we don't have the data for this period).



      3) The problem begins when I remove Intex_Deal_Name from the viz (see the
      Aggregate) sheet. It looks like Tableau has now added the balances based on
      date rather age. I was expecting the that sum for:



      Age =2 would be 3,798,366,862



      Age =3 would be 3,728,017,452



      Age = 4 would be 3,637,460,112



      and so on (these are the values you would get by adding up the 3 displayed
      values across deals for each age).



      How do I fix this?



      Thanks for your help