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    how large of a number is possible?  losing decimal precision

    Jennifer Thomas

      How large of a number can Tableau handle?  I'm trying to create a unique number by combining a series of 4 numbers.


      Lvl1 is a two-digit number

      lvl2 is up to 5 digits

      lvl3 is up to 5 digits

      lvl4 is up to 4 digits


      Rather than cast as strings and concatenate, I'd hope to build out a large number by:

      lvl1 * 10000000000

      lvl2 * 100000

      lvl3 * 1

      lvl4 / 10000

      and adding all together.  However my decimal 4 rounds to a decimal 3 when adding to the combined number from lvl1,2,3.


      An example workbook is attached.