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    Filter based on a parameter

    Sami Rayes

      The data:

      1. State

      2. Industries

      3. Market potential by industry (for each county of each state)


      I want to create a "State" parameter that acts like a filter, which will show the selected state (single value list), but then, I want to show the total of the selected potential industry(s) for the selected state.



      There are 3 industries (global)

      Industry 1. Automotive

      Industry 2. Transportation

      Industry 3. Construction


      If I select WA I want to see the "Filled Map" for Washington showing the total sales potentials for each state.

      If I filter on Industries (Automotive and Construction) I want to see the total for automotive & construction for WA


      right now, if I filter on industry I only get the value for the first industry in the list.


      I need help figuring this out - please.


      Thank you in advance.