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    Percent of Totals with Measure Names

    Andrew Drinkwater

      Morning Tableau'ers!


      I'm attempting to figure out some dynamically calculated yields.


      Here's the context: I work at a university, and we measure various yields as part of the admissions process. In the attached example, we're attempting to figure out admit yield (admitted / applied), and registered yield (registered / admitted). In this data, applied is essentially the grand total, admitted is a subset of applied, and registered is a subset of admitted.


      I've attached an example with (manual) annotations showing the percentages I'm trying to figure out how to create automatically. It would be pretty straight forward if you could use "percent of total" based on measure name or something, but I don't think this is possible.


      Any tips or thoughts on where to go with this one would be most appreciated.


      Thanks all!