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    Slide-bar parameter doesn't work on the Server.

    Ana Belén Vega Lamas



      I'm using a float parameter in a slide-bar parameter control. (See Parameter_TargetLevel.jpg) Parameter_TargetLevel.jpg

      It is a target value which changes automatically the bar colors of a graph depending on the target value. (See ParameterSlideBar_Desktop.jpg)



      Slide-parameter works perfectly on Tableau desktop but doesn't work on the server. First change is normally okay, but after second try it doesn't work at all and it's not automatically refreshed on the dashboards. (See ParameterSlideBar_Server.jpg)




      Can anyone help me with this problem?




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          Roberto Rösler

          I experienced the same problem with an up to date version of Tableau Desktop and Server (8.0.5). A floating parameter represented as slide-bar is not working in dashboards published to the Tableau Server. It would be nice if Tableau could say something about this especially if they know the problem.


          In the meantime a workaround is to define this parameter as integer (for percentage 0 - 100) and then divide the parameter value by 100.