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    Issues while connecting with ORACLE DB

    suneelkumar kesana

      Hi Team,


      We Need your help ….!!!


      I am having serious issues while I try to  connect with Oracle db (11g) ,

      Ø  if I give all the details (sever name, Service name ,port, username and password) in advanced.

      Ø  If I give only just the connection name mentioned in TNS.ORA file then I am able to connect with  oracle.




      I connect live with oracle using the Connection name ,  then I am able to generate the reports in my desktop

      Ø  When I tried to publish then I am getting error  Attached is the screenshot 1




      Once I generate extract all the data from oracle using  by connecting with connection  name, Then I am able to publish my reports to server

      Ø  When I tried to refresh from server , then extract refresh is not  getting failed , Attached scennshot2.



      1.       I have installed Oracle Drivers.

      2.       I have created systems variable and assigned Tns file path

      3.       I uninstalled and reinstalled around 10 times.

      4.       I have attached the about screenshot.


      Please help me to fix the issue and let me know if any further information is needed.


      Please feel free to reach me @ 832 382 3973 , I can do screes share to fix the issue.



      1. Suneelkumar.K

      832 382 3973