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    update enormous SQL tables with updates happening to rows daily, not using a full extract

    Benjamin Fox

      So I have several very large tables that take hourrs to create and upload these extracts. these tableau extracts are around 5 gigabytes each. A lot of it is historical data that most likely will not change. However, any row has the possibility of being updated at any time. The database is also having new rows added to it daily.


      I've been trying to find a way to update an extract instead of just inserting the new rows.  I wouldn't even mind a 2 step process where I add new rows and then update existing rolls. There is a column that has the update day that I'm hoping to use to flag the rows that need an update. I've been searching through the forums and blogs seeing if there is a way to do this. Has anyone had any experience with this or recommendations. I'm starting to look into Tableau Data Extract API but don't know if that can do what I want either.


      This is the first question I haven't found the answer to already in the forums.