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    Sorting on Primary Data Source before filtering on Secondary Data Source

    Ben Clark

      I've been struggling with a report where I want to filter on the secondary data source but then sort by a field in the primary data source. Unfortunately, Tableau seems to do this the other way around, i.e. it sorts on the primary data source before filtering on the second, giving my graph a distinctive 'unsorted' look. It is meant to be a top ten two, but limits it to the top ten for the primary data source pre filtering (on a measure from the secondary) rather than post filtering.


      So my questions are (1) Am I right: does Tableau sort on the primary data source before filtering on the secondary? (I'm still on V7 - I don't suppose V8 is any different?)


      (2) Is there any way around this? I've tried multiple different ways, but none of them work. I'm considering re-writing my datasets entirely, but they will have to be so radically different it's going to take me quite some time.


      Thanks for reading.