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    Tableau -- fatty or Lean?

    Toby Erkson

      The company I'm working for is looking to improve their work-flows, processes, etc. via Lean methodologies.  One of the slides gave a definition of Lean:

      "Lean is defined as a systematic approach to maximizing value by minimizing waste and by flowing the product or service at the pull of customer demand."


      That -- particularly the last bit -- said "Tableau" to me.  It allows people to get their information without as many external requirements/processes like other BI tools would require.  I wonder if Tableau was created with Lean principles?


      Here's an ANALOGY -- How Tableau is like lean hamburger meat*: 4% fat content.  Hamburger at 20% fat is not lean so it's not as healthy (compared to 4%), shrinks more during cooking, but it will have more flavor and be less dry.  It's definitely less expensive than 4%.  But with Tableau we have 4% for the price of 20% and it tastes great (in other words, it works), too!


      Whatcha think?



      *Please don't argue the merits of omnivor vs. vegitarian, this is just a freakin' example.