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    Can you create a set based on a grand total?

    Joette Breor

      I want to create a set (or maybe a group or filter) to categorize customers who have purchased more than $x of product in total over a 4-quarter period. What is the best way to do this? I then want to apply additional analysis to narrow the category down further. Disclosure: I'm a brand new Tableau user. Thanks!

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          Joshua Milligan



          You should be able to do this.  The basic steps would be:


          1. Create your 4-quarter period filter and add it to the context (right click the field on the Filters shelf and select "Add to Context").  This is important as the Set in step 2 is depedent on the context.

          2. Right click the Customer dimension field and select "Create Set".  Choose the Condition tab and then use "By Field" to set your condition.


          Hopefully that helps!  If you are still having any issues, then please post a packaged workbook (.twbx) and I'd be happy to take a look!