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    Grouping by [SUM(Max(Amount))]

    Siddharth Surana

      Hey Guys


      I have a hierarchy that I use to collapse / expand the data and the numbers. It is such as:


      1. Order

      2. Order Line - 1 Order has many Order Lines

      3. Day - 1 Order Line may / may not have many days.

      4. Amount


      My data source is not broken down by the day level and hence, when there is more than 1 day for a Order Line, the number is repeated and the data is wrong.


      So I wanted to know if there was a way to first just take the Maximum Order amount from the number of days and then sum those maximum amounts to the Order level ?


      Is there a way to use one aggregation (MAX) when the hierarchy is at the Order Line level and Use (Sum(MAX)) when the aggregation (drill down) is rolled up to the Order level?