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    Idea or views ??


      Hi All,

      I new to this forum & tableau as well. Just want to check and see whether I can build a dashboard with this below data.

      Below data is for a sales representative ( broker ) of Insurance company who sells insurance and annuities.

      Need help, I am confused where to start, what components to use , story ??

      I removed amounts in the fields.



      PendingPrevious StatementYTD
      Beginning Balance
      Total Revenue
      Total Adjustments
      Total Deductions
      Deferred Comp Amount
      Commission Express
      Carry Forward Balance
      Pay Amount
      1099 Amount
      Conference Qualification
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          Russell Christopher

          Hi There!


          Please post an Excel workbook with (fake) sample data so that the folks here have something to work with? You'll find that posting some data will increase the number of responses you get as people will have something they can put their hands on


          Good luck!