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    Securing Tableau server on EC2

    Vaida Lauzeckas


      I would like to start discussion about best practices of Tableau server security in Amazon EC2 environment. Can someone share they practices? I am not very "security" guy so could think only two solutions:


      Current ideas I have:

      Closed only for corporate VPN connections.

      Disadvantage that not all people using this VPN, and there would be issues from mobile devices/personal computers and etc. I believe VPN would have huge negative effect for customer experience.

      Have IP whitelist:

      Some as above +IP list management would be very difficult as our offices are widespread around the world.


      p.s Can someone tell me is it possible to use different ports for accessing tableau server over tableau desktop and just accessing tableau web environment. Documentation is slightly confusing, but as I understood by default 80 port is used for both.


      Thanks in advance