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    Last Year Sales using reference lines

    Kush Akotia



      How do you show the sales amounts of last years numbers at a point in time using a reference line on a bar graph? For example, I have years in my columns and sales in rows. I want to show the sales amount of 'today' (month and year) and what it was in 2012 with a reference line. How do i do this? Please see my sample workbook. Right now i can only see last years full year value in the 2013 bar cell (34,042 - 2012 value on Bar chart).


      However, what I want to see is what was the value of Sept in 2012 ( 26,621 on cross tab) as a reference line in 2012 bar vs the current 32,914 value ( 2011 value) so i can compare that with 2013 Sept.


      That way I can see where we are 'today' vs previous years.