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    Tableau dashboard movement from Test Server to Production server

    viraj gholap



      We are facing issue in moving a dashboard from Test server to production server.


      Dashboard D1 is developed using published data source (with TDE) S1 on the test server. D1 is published on test server and all works good.


      After testing, we want to move D1 to production server which alos has S1 data source (with TDE).



      We are not able to change the data connection from Tableau desktop from S1 on test server to S1 on production server. Basically, a user can not log in to 2 servers at a time from the workbook.


      Is there any way to accomplish this?



      P.S. On community I found people using same server with 2 projects Test (for dashboard development and testing) and Production (to keep final dashboard). But we are really looking forward to separate Test server from Production server.


      Thanks in advance!