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    Non-standard best practices?

    .Ryan Christo

      Hello everyone in this wonderful forum,


      We're trying to put together an internal "best practices" for our users, and the only advice posts I've come across are for the more general or more obvious suggestions. Right now we're looking to see if anyone has advice on less standard and/or less general best practices, something beyond "use a data extract if your data set is large". Any and all suggestions are welcome. Thank you!

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          Shawn Wallwork

          Hey Ryan. So the absolute best "non-standard" best practice I can suggest is to NOT establish a list of "Best Practices." It tends to stifle creativity, innovation and after a time can feel very oppressive. It turns into a paint-by-numbers formula that can be completely divorced from the sea/landscape it purports to represent, or the data you're trying to visualize.


          Instead make two list:

          1. Things that normally seem to work
          2. Things that normally tend not to work


          "Seem" and "Tend" are important, because then we get away from "Always" and "Never", which are the downfall of all "Best Practices" lists.