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    Map lines for a complete route

    Stuart Dunlap



      I'm trying to create a map that connects an origin with multiple stops along a delivery route with a final connecting line back to the original starting point.  I've been able to get considerable help from the archives of this forum, however I'm stuck at what I think (hope) is the last step.


      The attached workbook highlights the issue I'm having.  I'm able to get all destinations to appear on the map, however I cannot get a line to connect my final delivery point back to the origin of the route.  This example is shown with the first connection called: 'RoutingExample (20130911 Routing Example.xlsm)'.  I realize the issue is because I'm showing detail on ORIG_Zip and that I really need to have the last leg reflect the zip code of my original starting point. But I'm not sure how to efficiently structure the data to accomplish this.


      My desired end result can be seen if you replace the 'RoutingExample (20130911 Routing Example.xlsm)' data source with 'RoutingExampleSecond (20130911 Routing Example.xlsm)'.  With this view the last leg of the journey is shown by the connecting line.


      I'm hoping there is a better solution than what I have with the 'RoutingExampleSecond (20130911 Routing Example.xlsm)' connection because this method requires two extra records in the input data source and I will eventually have a lot of routes to map.


      Attached is both the Tableau file and the Excel file used for the data source.  Is anyone aware of a more elegant solution that will not require the addition of a lot of records to my data source?


      Any insight is appreciated!


      Thank you,