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    Early alert for customer churn?

    Joe Madigan

      I'm trying to develop an early alert report for customers who might lapse. My database consists of millions of lines of customer orders (date, customer ID, product purchased, value, etc.). Can anyone suggest how I might create an average customer buying cycle and then an alert if that cycle is breached by a tolerance level?


      So for example, if a customer places one order per week on average over the last 12 month and then does not order for 3 weeks in a row an alert is triggered? The idea would be to separate customer into daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly to reflect their buying patterns. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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          Matt Coles

          I realize this answer comes years later, but there are tools out there which will send emails based on data conditions on your Tableau views. VizAlerts is one of them that I've been working on--it is a free, open-source alerting tool for Tableau Server. While I don't have a mockup of your workbook to show you how exactly it could be done, the tool will almost certainly do what you need it to. If you have a version of it you can share, we can take a stab and building the alert you're looking for.