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    How to add 2 filters?

    Neha K Saraf

      I am analysing survey questions for 6 products. There are 5 main categories that I have plotted as a circle graph. When I select a particular circle, I want it to drill down to sub-categories for that particular product.


      For eg: if you look at the picture, when the user selects a particular circle (marked), then the drill down should be for all sub-categories of that category (Category 3 in this example) and for that particular product (ture in this example).


      When I use filter actions, I only manage to get the drill down of sub-categories and not product. It still shows all products.


      The source data is excel in this format:


      QsMain CatturesoftcoAle
      Category 1Your overall satisfaction4.
      Category 2Responsivene3.
      Category 2Timeliness of resolving3.
      Category 2Provides innovative technology3.
      Category 2Provides a competitive edge2.
      Category 2The ability to3.
      Category 2The ability to keep current3.
      Category 2The overall proposal3.
      Category 3Your overall satisfaction3.
      Category 3Responsivene3.
      Category 3Timeliness of resolving3.
      Category 3Provides innovative technology3.
      Category 3Provides a competitive edge3.
      Category 3The ability to2.
      Category 3The ability to keep current3.
      Category 4The overall proposal2.
      Category 4Your overall satisfaction3.
      Category 4Responsivene2.
      Category 4Timeliness of resolving3.
      Category 4Provides innovative technology2.
      Category 5Provides a competitive edge3.
      Category 5The ability to2.
      Category 5The ability to keep current3.
      Category 5The overall proposal3.
      Category 5Your overall satisfaction2.
      Category 5Responsivene2.
      Category 5Timeliness of resolving3.
      Category 5Provides innovative technology3.
      Category 5Provides a competitive edge3.
      Category 5The ability to3.
      Category 5The ability to keep current3.


      Please help.




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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Neha,


          You can do this two ways. The first is to go to the top sheet in the dashboard, and click the upside down triangle in the upper right corner, then select Use as Filter. This will apply all the available dimensions on the top sheet and filter the bottom sheet. The other option is to define the selected fields in the filter action dialog box:

          selected fields.png


          Hope this helps!