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    Odd Date Problem--February 30

    Tony Pittarese

      Hi all,


      I'm pulling data into Tableau (in an educational setting) that relates to an ERP-based simulation game.  Instead of using traditional dates, the simulation operates in terms of quarters (or rounds) and days.  So, dates are expressed as quarter 1, day 1; quarter 1, day 2, etc.  Both quarter and day are stored in separate fields.  I'd like to make these into traditional dates for the purpose of time series analysis, data display, and so on.  This is consistent with how this data is treated in the simulation.


      To resolve this, I've been using a calculated field to build a string that in the format "quarter/day/2012" and then feeding that string to the date function.  There's one problem with this.  In the real calendar there's no Feburary 30.  In this simulation, quarter 2 day 30 exists.


      I could throw out this data, but I'd like to not do so if there is a way to make this work.  Adding the day from 2/30 to 2/29 or 3/1 makes this not work well.


      Can anyone suggest another way to do this?