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    overlay map points

    Pat Harris

      My source data is a multi-tabbed workbook that lists Constituents, Alumni, Donors, Friends on separate tabs.  I want to map constituents by zip code using a filled map and be able to have circles or pies that indicate the number of Alumni, Donors, Friends in a given zip code w/ size of the circles or pies varying.  I'd like to be able to filter to see the map points of Alumni over the Constituent filled map, or Donors over the map, etc.


      I can get a dual axis working for singular pairs, but am not able to filter to get other points either to show on the same map w/o the original pair, or over the same map.  Any assistance is greatly appreciated.



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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Pat,


          One option may be to use a parameter that allows the user to select the desired pairs (if I am understanding the issue correctly). Create a string parameter that lists the Alumni, Donors and Friends. Then, create a calculated field that would be placed on the view similar to the following:


          case [Pick your Type]

          when 'Alumni' then sum([Alumni$_LIFETIME TOTAL GIVING])

          when 'Donor' then sum([Constituents$_LIFETIME TOTAL GIVING])

          when 'Friend' then sum([Lybunts$_LIFETIME TOTAL GIVING])



          Hope this helps a bit!