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    Show values with more than one value associated

    caroline ennis

      I have Tableau linked to a query that pulls all job titles for employees. I want to show only the employees with multiple job titles. I attempted to create a set and represent, all job titles with more than 1 employee number. No dice. Is there a better way to only show employees and their multiple roles?

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          Aaron Clancy

          If the lowest level of detail is job title and starting from scratch:

          Put employee on rows.

          Put Job Title Identifier to the right of Employee on rows.

          Create a calc of     size() > 1

          put that calc on the filter shelf.  Compute using Job Title.  Set to true.

          All Employees with only 1 job title will be "hidden" from the results.


          I'm making assumptions about your data structure.  If those assumptions are incorrect then the solution might have to be approached differently.