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    Performance issues rendering server report when using filters

    Mayur Upalekar

      I have a TDE with 750K rows that contains 3 columns Title, PercentileRank (0-100 with step of 0.01, Value (Arbitrary values). In a Tableau report using this TDE I add Title as a filter & plot a Line Graph with PercentileRank in Columns & Value in Rows. The Line Graph uses PercentileRank & Value as Dimension so it is an X-Y plot. When this report is uploaded to our Tableau Server & is rendered via. Tableau web UI the performance when different Title filters are chosen is really bad. The response time after filters are picked is about 20-40 seconds before the report can be interacted with.


      I tried to use the Performance Analyzer in Tableau Desktop but it has different response time characteristics from the web interaction & is much faster.


      Please find the workbook in question attached to this mail.